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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 9, Issue 7 — July 1983

Estimating the Value of Urban Forests Using the Travel Cost Method    (View PDF)

John F. Dwyer, George L. Peterson, Alexander J. Darragh

Abstract: Municipal urban forestry programs are guided by the values that urbanites place on urban trees and forests. The willingness of users to pay for the use of urban forest areas is suggested as one useful measure of value to guide urban forestry programs. Travel cost models were developed for three urban forest sites in the Chicago area. The models estimated an average willingness to pay of $4.54, $8.68, and $12.71 per visit. Suggestions are made for further use of the travel cost method to estimate changes in the willingness of users to pay for urban forest sites under various management options. This information can provide guidance for urban forest resource management programs that are short of funds.


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