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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 8, Issue 4 — April 1982

English Techniques in Large Tree Transplanting    (View PDF)

Chris J. Newman

Abstract: Increases in gas prices in England during 1974 induced Civic Tree Care Ltd. to develop mechanized transplanting of large trees in multiple loads for economy of transport. The Newman Tree-Porter system brought many other benefits; one small machine using a hydraulic hammer drives curved blades to dig 7 sizes of ball from 32" up to 80"; good performance in hard, stony or frosted ground; improved tree survival, and extension of planting season; low capital cost and low maintenance; versatility for digging and planting in awkward places. Tree-Porter augments Civic Tree Care's long established Newman Trailer transplanting of larger trees with 90", 100", 120" balls hand-dug and mechanically wrapped with Newman Frames.


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