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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 7, Issue 1 — January 1981

Wood Characteristics Related to "Injectability" of Trees    (View PDF)

W.A. Sinclair and A.O. Larsen

Abstract: Water at 0.7 kg/cm (10 psi) was injected through friction-seated spiles into holes 1.1 X 4 cm in stems and roots of 13 angiosperm and one gymnosperm tree species in late June and late September. Flow rates per injection site were greatest for basswood, hawthorn and black cherry (135-176 ml/min); and near zero for butternut, shagbark hickory, white ash and eastern white pine. Injection rates in the deciduous species were positively correlated with an index that could be calculated from published data about the woods: relative frequency of vessels in transverse view Hspecific gravity. Flow rates were not consistently related to arrangement or size of water-conducting elements or to roots versus stems as injection sites. Rates were greater in late September than in late June.


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