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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 6, Issue 4 — April 1980

Amelioration of Salt Damage to Cotoneaster by Gypsum    (View PDF)

Michael A. Dirr and JoAnn Biedermann

Abstract: Cotoneasters were grown in a gypsum-treated medium and salinized with 0.15A/ NaCI. Gypsum was applied in 3 forms with 2 application methods and at 2 rates. Controls received no gypsum additions. Control plants were severely injured, while gypsum treated plants showed reduced damage. The incorporated gypsum was more effective in alleviating damage than surface applications. Rate was not a factor as 20 lb/100 sq. ft. proved as effective as 40 lb/100 sq. ft. All 3 gypsum formulations were effective but the granular materials were easier to work with when compared to the fine-ground. Electrical conductivity of the media leachates were significantly lower in incorporated gypsum treatments compared to the control. The pH of the leachates was not affected by gypsum treatments.


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