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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 6, Issue 3 — March 1980

Right-Of-Way Management Program    (View PDF)

Agnes M. Dykes

Abstract: Orange and Rockland Utilities (O&R), and its wholly owned susidiaries, Rockland Electric Company and Pike County Light & Power Company serve almost 200,000 electric customers in Orange, Rockland and Sullivan Counties in New York State, a portion of Pike County in Pennsylvania and portions of Bergen, Passaic and Sussex Counties in New Jersey, a total territory of some 1,350 square miles. The Company operates high voltage lines on over 380 miles of right-ofway, some 556 circuit miles. In 1975, an effective vegetation maintenance program for its transmission facilities was developed to prevent tree caused outages, to meet the inception of Article VII of the New York State Public Service Law, to more closely monitor the maintenance of several new high voltage transmission facilities and to meet a Company commitment of selective clearing on all facilities. All transmission rights-of-way, including 34.5KV to 500KV, were surveyed and inventoried according to a "land use type" code. The code, a four digit number, depicted the following information: land use (i.e. forest, field, residential, commercial, and lakes or wetlands), vegetation density, and general previous treatments (i.e. clearcut or selectively cut). The land use code was used as the principal parameter for dividing the transmission line into segments. After surveying was completed, a vegetation management plan was established for each right-of-way for a ten year period. Survey information and vegetation management plans were converted to an electronic data processing system for record keeping purposes. Through this system the company has a detailed record keeping system of all treatments, costs, and its future maintenance and budgetary requirements.


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