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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 48, Issue 1 — January 2022

Lessons Learned from Developing Best Management Practices for Urban Tree Care and Wildlife

Corinne G. Bassett, Ryan Gilpin, and Kara Donohue

Abstract: Urban forests create indispensable habitat for declining wildlife populations. The tree care industry is essential to the viability of urban forests and thus the survival of urban wildlife. At the same time, tree care operations such as tree removal and branch pruning present clear threats to urban wildlife and their habitats. Here we describe the development of a grassroots coalition of arborists and wildlife advocates in the Western United States and the process of charting a path to best management practices and professional training to mitigate the impacts of tree care practices to wildlife. In particular, we describe the unique challenges and opportunities that arose through this multi-disciplinary process and build a case for the benefits of uniting diverse communities of practice around complex urban ecological problems. We finish by laying out recommendations to the international arboriculture and urban forestry practitioner and research communities.

Keywords: Arboriculture; Best Management Practices; Tree Care; Urban Forestry; Urban Wildlife; Wildlife; Wildlife Habitat

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