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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 35, Issue 6 — November 2009

Review of Literature on the Function and Allometric Relationships of Tree Stems and Branches    (View PDF)

Gregory A. Dahle and Jason C. Grabosky

Abstract: The goal of maintenance pruning is the development of a tree canopy that meets a defined objective while minimizing the risk of failure. An indepth understanding of the primary functions of branches and how they influence canopy form is needed in order to assess the impacts of cultural practices such as pruning or plant spacing on canopy development. Allometric modeling describes the relationship between size and shape of organisms. This paper explores three allometric methods of modeling branch form (pipe model theory, fractal dimensioning, and power laws) and their potential in guiding pruning research. Additionally, two principal functions of plants—hydraulic and mechanical—are discussed in light of their impact of stem and branch form.

Keywords: Allometry; Biomechanics; Elastic Similarity, Hydraulics; Mechanics; Slenderness Ratio

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