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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 35, Issue 6 — November 2009

Effects of Pruning on the Health of Palms    (View PDF)

Eric Rosenfeld

Abstract: This literature review gathers the findings of studies of the effects of pruning on palms in an attempt to answer questions about proper maintenance of ornamental specimens. Several species displayed reduction in size of new leaves after pruning. Pruning was found to worsen the health of palms deficient in mobile nutrients, but healthy palms showed only small changes in leaf nutrient composition. Two studies on oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) recorded higher incidence of weather-induced crown fracture, occurring among heavily-pruned specimens. Coconut fruit yield did not change in the first year of experimentation, but significant declines often occurred in subsequent years with continued treatment. Up to ten lowest leaves could be removed from a full-crowned coconut palm without negative effect on fruit yield. Research was lacking on the question of whether leaf pruning leads to reduction of stem diameter in palms. Research tailored more specifically to the concerns of arborists and landscapers working with palms as ornamentals is needed.

Keywords: Coconut; Cocos; Frond; Leaf; Palm; Pruning; Trimming.

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