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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 34, Issue 1 — January 2008

Attitudes of Residents Toward Street Trees on Four Streets in Toledo, Ohio, U.S. Before Removal of Ash Trees (Fraxinus spp.) from Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis)    (View PDF)

Joseph Heimlich, T. Davis Sydnor, Matthew Bumgardner, and Patrick O’Brien

Abstract: Toledo, Ohio, U.S. residents on four streets in an area with mature street trees, including ash, scheduled for removal as a result of attack by emerald ash borer were surveyed to determine their attitudes toward their street trees. Toledo is in the process of removing some 5,000 trees. Large trees with a variety of summer and fall foliar characteristics were highly valued suggesting that residents would be satisfied with a mix of species rather than planting each street to a single species. The fact that their trees canopied the street was also important to residents and is characteristic of larger urban trees. Residents would be pleased if replacements were planted before removing existing trees. Flowers were not a significant concern for residents. In Toledo, as it is in many communities, the primary maintenance concern regarding trees in this survey is the potential damage to sidewalks.

Keywords: Agrilus; ash replacements; community safety; emerald ash borer; Fraxinus spp.; green ash; resident attitudes; street trees

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