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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 33, Issue 6 — November 2007

Does Imidacloprid Reduce Defoliation by Japanese Beetles on Linden for More Than One Growing Season?    (View PDF)

Steven Frank, Robert Ahern, and Michael J. Raupp

Abstract: Laboratory feeding trials confirmed that leaves from little-leaf linden treated with imidacloprid were eaten by Japanese beetles far less than those from untreated trees. Field studies revealed that soil applications of imidacloprid significantly reduced the degree of severe defoliation caused by Japanese beetles in the year that the insecticide was applied and also in the next year. These findings indicate that imidacloprid is a useful tool for arborists in reducing defoliation by this important pest.

Keywords: Defoliation; feeding deterrence; imidacloprid; IPM; Japanese beetle; linden; plant health care

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