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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 27, Issue 3 — May 2001

Measuring Soil Compaction on Construction Sites: A Review of Surface Nuclear Gauges and Penetrometers    (View PDF)

Thomas B. Randrup and John M. Lichter

Abstract: This paper reviews two techniques of determining soil compaction on construction sites. The surface nuclear gauge is found suitable for measuring soil compaction in soils with less than 5% organic matter by weight and at a depth of no more than 0.15 m (6 in.). Penetrometer readings are often unreliable on compacted soils, as well as in dry and stony soil conditions. Therefore, the penetrometer is rarely a valuable device on construction sites as a definitive measurement instrument, but it may be useful as an indicator of compacted areas. Recommendations to measure soil compaction on construction sites are given.

Keywords: Urban soils; quantification of soil compaction; soil compaction; penetrometer; surface nuclear gauge.

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