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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 20, Issue 5 — September 1994

Woody Vegetation Control on Utility Rights-Of-Way in Eastern Kansas: I. Management Techniques    (View PDF)

W.A. Geyer, G.G. Naughton, C.E. Long, D.N. Bruckerhoff, and J.J. Rowland

Abstract: Various management methods for controlling woody vegetation on rights-of-way of electric utility, high voltage, transmission lines were investigated. Three-year results showed that the Tordon and Tordon + Garlon treatments provided about 50% mortality in the approximately 7-year-old sapling stands. Height of surviving stump sprouts was not affected. Krenite S was less effective when applied in the fall at the time of the first frost than when applied earlier. Arsenal was not effective, but the application rate was 1/2 that suggested. Problem species appear to be ash, oak, pecan, persimmon, and plum. A vegetation management system that includes herbicide treatments along with cutting should nearly eliminate the woody plants within a few cutting cycles.


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