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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 20, Issue 5 — September 1994

Host Plant Resistance and Biological Control for Linden Aphids    (View PDF)

Robert L. Zuparko and Donald L. Dahlsten

Abstract: In 1982 Carter reported two mechanisms in the resistance of certain species of lindens (777/aspp.) to the linden aphid, Eucallipterus tiliae: simple pubescence and glandular prominences on the underside of the leaves. Field studies conducted from 1991-93 confirmed that aphids reach higher numbers on linden species with reduced pubescence (T. cordataand T. europea) than on a more pubescent species (T. platyphyllos). The rate of aphids parasitized by the introduced parasitoid Trioxys curvicaudus is also higher on the latter species.


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