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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 18, Issue 3 — May 1992

A Wound Treatment System to Supress Cankers and Wood Rot in Trees    (View PDF)

J.L. Peterson and D.B. Helmer

Abstract: Liquid and paste formulations of Nectec, an experimental fungicidal tree wound healing product, were evaluated for the prevention or suppression of canker and wood rot in trees. A broad activity spectrum against several wood inhabiting fungi was demonstrated in the laboratory. The Nectec paste, when applied to cut ends of maple branches prior to inoculation with Nectria cinnabarina, significantly reduced fungus penetration. Disease control was not consistent when the cut ends of maple limbs were treated 40 days after the wounds were inoculated with N. cinnabarina. Application of the Nectec liquid and paste combination or the Nectec paste alone to newly wounded trunks of maple, planetree, locust, poplar and dogwood trees did not inhibit, but tended to favor callus formation. When the products were applied to cut ends of large branches of these trees, fungus penetration and staining of wood was significantly reduced after one year when compared to non-treated limbcuts. The products show promise as canker and wood rot preventatives in trees.


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