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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 18, Issue 3 — May 1992

The Pesticide Controversy—Crisis or Opportunity?    (View PDF)

Roger C.Funk

Abstract: The public is becoming increasingly concerned about the use of pesticides in the urban environment. Our industry is partially responsible for these concerns due to our high visibility in residential areas, our over-reliance on pesticides, and our failure to respond to misconceptions involving pesticides. The news media have contributed by reporting only "newsworthy" items that sensationalize and distort the risk of pesticide exposure. Although the pesticide controversy has resulted in increased complaints and cancellations, it also has helped focus attention on our industry and the value of trees in the environment. The planting and preservation of trees has practically become a national pastime. The Chinese spell "crisis" by combining the symbol for "danger" with the symbol for "opportunity." There has never been a better opportunity for quality-conscious companies to respond to the changing needs of a growing market. Controversy almost always results in change—and with change comes opportunity.


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