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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 18, Issue 2 — March 1992

Impacts of Vegetation Management Techniques on Wetlands in Utility Rights-Of-Way in Massachusetts    (View PDF)

Norton H. Nickerson

Abstract: This project compared five rights-of-way (R/W) treatments (hand cutting, mowing, cut stump treatment w/ herbicides, basal spraying w/herbicide, and foliar application of herbicides) to determine their impacts on wetlands on utility R/W. The conclusion reached was that there was no significant impact to wetlands from any of the vegetation management techniques used on utility R/Ws in Massachusetts. Mechanical treatments resulted in higher impacts on the cover value for wildlife than those involving herbicides. Residue from petroleum products (bar oil and hydraulic fluid) were recovered on the leaf litter from mechanically treated sites. No herbicide residues were recovered from herbicide-treated sites.


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