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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 17, Issue 11 — November 1991

Water Transport at Stem-Branch Junctures in Woody Angiosperms    (View PDF)

Dan Neely

Abstract: A water soluble dye, methyl violet, was injected into the stems beneath branches of trees representing eight deciduous species at various times between April and October, 1989. The stems and branches were then excised, the bark removed, and the pattern of dye translocation traced. Dye injected directly beneath a branch moved distally straight into the branch. Dye injected beneath, but not directly beneath, a branch moved into the sides or top of the branch or into the stem. When dye was injected beyond the branch shoulder, it moved around the branch but remained in the stem. Patterns of dye movement did not vary among species or with time of year. The results do not support the hypothesis that trunk collars form over branch collars each year at the stem-branch juncture.


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