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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 16, Issue 10 — October 1990

England before and after the Hurricane of 1987    (View PDF)

Andrew William Graham, Jr.

Abstract: The October 1986 hurricane that struck southern England was the first of its magnitude since 1703. Extensive destruction and damage occurred to numerous old trees in forests and gardens. Morris Arboretum arborists traveled from Philadelphia to Sussex County, England to help the staff of Wakehurst Place (an outpost of Royal Botanic Garden, Kew) restore their garden. While there we observed damage patterns, and tree species wind tolerance while noting significance tree losses to the scientific collections and garden landscapes. The Royal Botanic Garden's data collection forms may prove useful to American arborists in collecting and analyzing storm damage data. The Morris Arboretum team cleared debris from a winter interest garden, removed overhead hazards from a half mile of walking paths, and made life-long friends of grateful Wakehurst staff.


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