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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 15, Issue 8 — August 1989

Oak Tree Hazard Evaluation    (View PDF)

Gary W. Hickman, Janet Caprlle, and Ed Perry

Abstract: A practical system for evaluating hazardous landscape trees is an important element of any tree maintenance program. An evaluation system was developed in California for two species of native oaks, Quercus lobata and Quercus wislizenii. The system uses eleven separate components which can be grouped into the four larger categories of environment, structure, vigor and target. A Summary Rating (SR) is generated for each tree from component ratings using a database management computer program. The SR has been useful in prioritizing and scheduling corrective tree work. The evaluation system has now been implemented on 244 acres of oak parklands and has been adopted by other public agencies responsible for maintaining urban oaks.


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