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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 15, Issue 5 — May 1989

Military Community Forestry Planning Offutt Air Force Base—A Case Study    (View PDF)

T.L. Schmidt, D.P. Mooter, and T.D. Wardle

Abstract: Offutt Air Force Base is headquarters for the Strategic Air Command and center for many activities of national importance. This community differs from most communities because the short residency of its inhabitants means increased management of vegetation by the base staff. Most vegetation activities had low priority and were not guided by a comprehensive plan. In 1987, a contract was initiated between the Air Force and the Nebraska Forest Service to develop a Community Forestry Plan for Offutt. Existing trees were evaluated and new plantings designed. Maintenance activities were recommended. The plan provides for future community forestry action and is a model for other military communities. The plan also relates to non-military communities.


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