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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 15, Issue 1 — January 1989

The Management of Urban Street Trees Using Computerized Inventory Systems    (View PDF)

Thomas I. Crossen

Abstract: The microcomputer has made possible the storage, access and analysis of large quantities of data at high speed and low cost, it is the objective of this paper to describe the contribution the microcomputer can make towards the management of street trees in urban areas. Benefits and problems associated with urban trees are outlined and the work of the Arborist and workforce is described. Existing systems of recording, filing, and retrieving information, are compared with those incorporating the use of a computer. The paper focuses on the application of recent developments in computer technology towards data management for the Arborist. Some of the difficulties associated with the transition from a manual filing system to one that is computer based, are discussed. Further areas of research and development in this field are explored.


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