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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 14, Issue 8 — August 1988

Management Influences on Growth of Transplanted Magnolia Grandiflora    (View PDF)

David L. Hensley, Robert E. McNiel and Richard Sundheim

Abstract: Container-grown Magnolia grandiflora were planted in spring and fall with or without hardwood mulch and a complete fertilizer. Fertilizer was placed either in the bottom of the planting hole, mixed with the backfill, or surface applied after planting. Growth measurements were made during 3 seasons. Height growth was not influenced by planting date but was reduced the first season as a result of mulching. After 22 months, however, mulched plants were significantly larger than controls. Fertilization at planting resulted in significant height increases at every evaluation, but fertilizer location was not a factor. Spring planting, mulching, and fertilization resulted in significant increases in stem diameter. Spring planting, mulching and soil incorporation of fertilizer resulted in significantly more branches per plant during the third season.


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