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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 11, Issue 9 — September 1985

Performance Testing of Street Tree Cultivars: A Model Project    (View PDF)

Henry D. Gerhold

Abstract: A model system for evaluating and comparing street tree cultivars is proposed for any town or city that wishes to use standardized methods. It is a modification of the cooperative STRETEST system proposed several years ago, but not started for lack of financial support. Its methods may be incorporated easily into the regular planting program. The municipal arborist chooses cultivars to be tested and makes periodic measurements and observations as the basis for evaluating their health and growth. Forms and instructions are provided. The results would provide more definitive information for selecting cultivars for stressful planting sites, and thus can improve the health and longevity of city trees. The standardized methods would also permit comparisons to be made with test results from other cities.


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