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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 11, Issue 6 — June 1985

Monitoring Parasites of the Oak Lecanium Scale with Yellow Sticky Traps    (View PDF)

Peter B. Schultz

Abstract: Yellow sticky traps have been found to be an effective method of monitoring the levels of oak lecanium parasites in the tree canopy. Five species of parasites of oak lecanium, a major soft scale pest of oak trees in eastern Virginia, were identified: Coccophagus lycimnia. Eunotus lividus, Encyrtus fuscus, Blastothrix sp. and Pachyneuron altiscutum. Since peak levels of parasites were found shortly after oak lecanium egg hatch in early June, it is recommended that insecticide sprays for control of oak lecanium be delayed until mid-June to minimize damage to these natural enemies.


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