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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 11, Issue 5 — May 1985

Checklists of Cultivars of Linden (Tilia) Species    (View PDF)

Frank S. Santamour, Jr. and Alice Jacot McArdle

Abstract: The difficulties of taxonomy in Tilia are many and varied. Cultivars of Tilia are described and discussed under the European species T. cordata, T. platyphyllos, and T. tomentosa, as well as the only United States species recognized, T. americana. The hybrids T. X europaea (T. cordata X T. platyphyllos) and T. X flavescens (T. americana X T. cordata) are also recognized as having valid cultivars. Several cultivars of doubtful hybrid origin are listed under the species they most resemble while some are grouped under "other hybrids."


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