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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 10, Issue 6 — June 1984

A Managed System for Distribution Forestry    (View PDF)

S.T. Griffiths

Abstract: The maintenance of vegetation that affects or has the potential to affect electric distribution lines goes beyond the periodic treatment of existing trees and brush. Utility managers must understand and continuously address why the brush and trees are there. Tree and brush density has to be managed as a prerequisite to actually doing the physical work. The managed system, applied to distribution forestry maintenance, sets performance standards for doing the work and utilizes reliability as a measure of effectiveness. The system which is based on the distribution feeder, categorized by customer type, right of way location and/or landscape is dynamic and can be changed or adjusted in response to quantitative results from the performance indices. These performance indices, when fully developed, will help the manager to determine which areas of the operation require corrective attention.


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