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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 10, Issue 2 — February 1984

Urfor/Simulation: An Urban Forest Management Computer Simulation/Game    (View PDF)

Robert W. Miller and Michael S. Marano

Abstract: URFOR/SIMULATION is a computerized urban forest management simulation/game designed to model a street tree population. The program utilizes actual street tree data and removes, prunes, plants, grows and kills street trees over time. The program user inputs management plans for planting, pruning and removal rates; and associated management costs. The simulation runs on an annual basis for the number of years specified by the user. Programs output describes the impact of management plans on the street tree population, calculates the value of the trees, and summarizes management costs. The simulation may be used as a game by the introduction of six random events; wind storm, ice storm, new disease, drought, budget increases, and budget cuts. The game user makes management decisions, runs the program on an annual basis, and alters management plans to compensate for random events.

Keywords: Arboriculture; Street Trees

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