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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 11, Issue 10 — October 1985

Standards for a Commercial Arboricultural IPM Program    (View PDF)

C. S. Koehler, Michael J. Raupp, Ethel Dutky, and John A. Davidson

Abstract: Pilot urban landscape integrated pest management (IPM) projects have suggested standards, or guidelines, believed useful to commercial arboricultural firms contemplating offering IPM services. They are (1) acknowledgment that pesticides are not the best solution to every pest problem, (2) retention of a properly trained IPM manager, (3) ability and willingness to develop and maintain IPM-related records, and (4) a communications effort to sell IPM. These pilot projects indicate that a firm offering IPM should be a full-service company, but that every client need not subscribe to the firm's IPM services. The two tactics that distinguish arboricultural IPM programs from traditional spray programs are (1) regular monitoring and (2) spot spraying.


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